The Art Of Being Direct

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The Art Of Being Direct

Being the best sales person in the business will take you to the top but one of the traits that make you the top sales person is being direct.

What is the definition of direct? Direct is to ask specific questions or get directly to the point. Directness does not need to be equal to brashness or rudeness.

When making sales calls, ask the questions that will benefit you in closing the sale. It might not benefit you today but will give you much needed information for long-term sales.

Examples might be:

1.What are you currently doing for marketing?
2.Do you need help developing a marketing program?
3.Could your team use help with cold calling?
4.Are you the decision maker?

A bad opening sentence to lead with when following up with a perspective or current customer is “Hi Mr./Mrs Jones “Just checking in”. Use something like this: Hi Mr. Jones, you and I spoke two weeks ago and you seemed to be very interested in the services that we have to offer. I have a few more ideas to share with you, do you have a few minutes to continue our conversation?”

Being direct will save you and your customer time. Get to the point of the conversation and ask strong questions to gather the information that you need without being harsh. If you can master this art, you are likely to see your sales increase and find much stronger rewards in your business!

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