Three Ways to Communicate Better with Prospects

Three Ways to Communicate Better with Prospects

What do you think about when you think of a sales person? Most of the time we think sales people have the ability to sell ice to Eskimos. Often it is said that sales people have ‘the gift to gab’. Not everyone in the sales profession was born into this profession and need to regularly work on their communication skills.

How can we better communicate with prospects?

Communication is something we often take for granted and we should determine what factors into our communication process. As humans, we expect the other person to understand exactly what we are talking about, although we appear to get frustrated at being misunderstood. Learning how to communicate with our clients can make the difference in results.

Determine 3 qualifying factors for communication.

1. Language – Certain industries have certain lingo and if you are communicating within this industry, you will need to work with their jargon. Information technology is one of the industries that can be tough to crack.

If you are not one of them, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Learning to understand the jargon of the industry will provide needed credibility. The key to communication in any industry is to remain flexible.

2. Details – The most common area for communication issues arises when people have different levels of detail. Some people like intricate detailed information and others go to the extreme of avoiding events with the slightest level of detail.

Put your level of communication in the middle of the road. Provide enough details about your product or services offered to widen the pool of prospects. Focusing on customers that fall into your level of skill for details will restrict business with those that may need more or less information. Staying in the middle of the field will allow flexibility in both directions.

3. Boundaries – Some people like a lot of boundaries where others find boundaries very restrictive. We all have the capacity to handle communication on all levels but always resort to doing what we feel most comfortable with and generally do.

Lack of boundaries is generally associated with those that are “Free spirits or creative thinkers”. These kinds of people are generally those that will take the conversation to all levels and end up with a sale.

There can be many barriers in communication. Making this an area of skill to work on, will allow sales people to become influential in being understood as well as helping to influence how people think and direct them towards the sale.

Study how people think and how they communicate to begin practicing flexibility in your communication with others. Natural born salesmen are born with this skill but this is a skill that can also be acquired and taken to a much higher level by anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

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