Top Salesperson Qualities


Top Sales Person QualitiesTop Salesperson Qualities – Do you have them?

Here are qualities we look for in a marketer:

  • Internal Drive-good marketers have their own internal drive and push for success. They put together daily and weekly goals for themselves and find a way to make their sales happen-not just complain or provide excuses when they don’t.
  • Patience-Part of being a success in sales is being patient. If you have been in sales for any length of time, you know that sales are not always instant. A long-term successful sale might take 1 week to 1 year to close. Sales are not for someone that needs instant gratification.
  • Great Listener- Learning to listen and pick up on the key points of a conversation with your prospect is a must have in the quality department for a top marketer. Two people can listen to the same conversation and both will come away with different points of the conversation.

When seeking a new member of our sales team, we look for applicants that have a unique talent to talk with people or “Gift to gab”. Not everyone is a conversationalist and enjoys being on the phones.

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