Trade show tipsDeciding whether to attend a tradeshow is a big decision. Tradeshows bring people together and showcase new and existing technologies and products.

There are many benefits to attending a trade show:

1. Networking. This gives you an opportunity to meet and greet people in your industry. This is a once or twice a year event that brings people face to face.

You might know these acquaintances by phone or email but during a tradeshow, you get the opportunity to put a face with a voice. This also gives you the opportunity to hand out business cards and brochures and make new contacts.

2. Training. A lot of companies will send their staff to a tradeshow to keep them updated on training. This gives them the opportunity to train simultaneously and keep abreast of the latest industry updates.

3New Products. Tradeshows are where people display new products recently developed. This is the showcase for new technology.

Trade show tipsHere are a few tips for organizing a successful tradeshow:  

1. Plan ahead. Make a clear and well-designed display listing all important information, such as product pricing and features. Give customers all the information they need to reach a decision on what you are marketing.

2. Use promotional items/trade show giveaways. People will often come to your trade show booth to get a free item. Place your trade show giveaways in different locations throughout the exhibit to draw people to your booth 

Promotional items also remind visitors of your products or services long after the trade show is over. Trade show giveaways act as marketing materials promoting your company beyond the event.

3. Actively engage visitors. People who come to come to your booth want to feel important and want to know how you can help them. Engage your visitors by inquiring about their interests and helping them obtain whatever products or information they are looking for.

Trade Show Tips

4. Finally. Last but not least, trade show follow-ups are vital to your business. As in any marketing plan, follow-up is of the utmost importance. Take the time to follow up with each and every visitor you spoke with at the tradeshow. This will give you a greater sales pipeline. This might not give you the sale right away but will put you in the running for the sale in the future.

The decision to participate in a tradeshow will be based on the ROI (return on investment) – essentially the amount of financial return compared to the financial investment. Designate a budget for the tradeshow and stay within that budget. Successful tradeshow participation takes careful planning time as well as commitment.

Prepare direct mail-out information for new prospects to be sent immediately after the tradeshow. The real work starts once the exhibition has closed, as you start processing the leads gathered and begin building relationships with your new contacts.

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