The truth about B2B cold calling

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The truth about B2B cold calling

Cold calling works- when done right.  You may not want to do it and you may not want to hear it, but that’s the way it is. Most of the time, it is not the industry or the product; it is the salesperson and the sales system that makes the difference. Cold calling can be very effective, however; certain conditions need to be in place.

The truth is cold calling can make more sales or appointments if the cold caller is knowledgeable on their products, the marketplace, and the benefits that their solution can provide their clients.

The cold caller needs to be positive about cold calling.  No one likes a cold call from someone who doesn’t want to make calls.  Cold calls need to be targeted and specific to the individual client.  This requires a system, which effectively warms up the cold call.  This would mean a cold call goes through phases:  First, you have a cold call, and then it becomes a warm call and finally -a sale.

The caller needs to be well trained and coached so that they project a professional presentation and can deliver valuable business benefits for clients. The call needs to be respectful and allows the client to choose whether the cold call adds value to their business or not. If cold calling is your only method of winning business, your business won’t be successful.  Every business should utilize different ways of prospecting for new clients.

In summary, well thought out and targeted calling strategies which are implemented by well trained and credible sales professionals can be a powerful and an important addition to your client acquisition strategies. In many industries, cold calling is the most effective and efficient way of acquiring new prospects.

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