Unique niches for telemarketing

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Unique niches for telemarketing

We have certainly worked with a variety of industries including software, medical, freight, marketing, and a whole host of others. We can apply our sales and marketing techniques to your industry.


With each new industry, there is a learning curve, so we must monitor your account closely during the first few months.

Unique industries may require quite a bit more effort on our part but we can readily adapt our service and approach for your needs.


Our process for a new account is to learn as much about you and your company as possible. The first step to any program is for our clients to fill out a new client questionnaire. This questionnaire is what makes our programs a success.


The questionnaire will ask questions such as program goals, what makes your business stand out compared to the competitors and qualifying questions you would ask to make an appointment viable.


Rich Enterprises Inc excels with businesses that are boutique type within their industry.

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