Using SIC / NAICS codes for Contact Lists

Using SIC / NAICS codes for Contact Lists – SIC and NAICS can be used as criteria for a contact list. Both codes are helpful in identifying and locating prospects based upon the type of business (manufacturing, school, attorneys, auto mechanics, etc.). What is the difference between SIC and NAICS?

The (SIC) Standard Industrial Classification – The SIC, used since the mid-1900s, was developed by a Committee on Industrial Statistics. They set out to develop a plan of classifications of various types of statistical data by industries and to adopt such classifications as the standard industrial classification of the Federal Government.

The (NAICS) North American Industry Classification System – This system was developed in 1987. In 1997, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced its decision to adopt the NAICS as the industry classification system. NAICS replaces the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).

Using SIC / NAICS codes for Contact Lists – Many vendors currently use SIC codes to compile marketing lists – which are more than adequate for most businesses. All sales programs begin with a contact list. Most outsourcing companies can provide the contact list for you or can utilize your existing contact lists.

To make the most of your sales calls, you should be utilizing a software program for documenting histories for present and future business. When setting up your contact list to import into a software program, you will have to choose the best format for your contact list.

Here are the two primary formats for importing contact lists:

Comma Separated Value (CSV). This format is easily editable and very user friendly through Microsoft Excel. This format is the most widely used and is considered to be the industry standard.

Text file (TXT). This format is a kind of file that is structured as a sequence of lines with quotation marks used to separate each field of data. It is much more difficult to edit, but is easily imported into most software databases.
Most outsourcing firms and software applications will require that information is either converted to one of the above formats.

As a sales representative, you may want to consider starting a method for entering new contacts into one of the above formats, so you can later add this information directly into a database.

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Using SIC / NAICS codes for Contact Lists

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