Video To Demonstrate Your Product or Service

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Video To Demonstrate Your Product or Service

Marketing is a tough job but one that most businesses participate in on a regular basis. The latest and greatest in marketing would have to be the online video.

Most people can remember way back when at their first experiences with television. How incredible it was to watch people/shows. It felt like you were a part of the action, and could truly get an up-close and personal experience with the people.

Using video as a marketing tool is just as exciting as television was back in the day and is a cost-effective, simple way to market. Internet videos are used to create excitement on products and services.

Marketers can create an immediate connection with prospects by using video in their marketing. Videos can be used to educate prospective customers on products, services or current promotions.

Here are ideas on the best ways to use video for marketing:

  • Company information/Brand awareness-introduce your company and products/services.
  • Personal greeting from the President-nothing is better than a personal announcement from the president or owner of the company.
  • Video sales for product and services-Describe services or products offered. If your company offers a variety of services, give detailed information on each package.
  • New products-Provide information on your new product line and the launch date. List benefits and features of each of your offerings.
  • Promotions-Give details on a special promotion or sale.

Here are a few stats on video marketing:

  • 65 percent of online video views were streamed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, making video primetime due to the faster Internet connections available at work, reported Nielsen Online.
  • Online video advertising is projected to grow 45 percent to $850 million, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.
  • 5 percent of mobile subscribers accessed mobile video on their phones each month, according to Nielsen in its Mobile Video Report.

It does not take a person experienced with equipment to produce a video. Videos can be produced by amateurs. A very informative video can be produced in a matter of minutes with a simple digital camera.

Video marketing is hip and up to date as well as an effective, simple way to make that personal connection needed in building solid business relationships. Use video to broaden your marketing reach and compliment your existent marketing plans.

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