Virtual Trade Show Tips and Telemarketing   Every business has an idea of what they consider to be a successful in person or virtual tradeshow – There are three components to effective trade show marketing — pre-show, at-show and post-show. Without the post-show (follow-up) component, the marketing strategy is not complete and often the sale is not made. Due to Covid 19, many businesses are doing virtual tradeshows as well.  

Follow-up is the most crucial part of the trade show marketing equation. True trade show success is not measured by the number of catalogs handed out or the number of business cards collected-It’s the sales generated from the leads made at the trade show that make your participation in the show successful.  

Pre-show – you will need to decide what is going to boost your attendance. Send a pre-tradeshow flyer letting all perspective clients know who, what and where of the show. This will jump start your campaign. Decide if you will handle the leads in house or outsource to a telemarketing firm.  

At-show – Decide what you would consider to be a qualified lead and have your staff accept business cards from future clients that meet all of your criteria. It is not financially beneficial to your campaign to accept 900 business cards and have only 45 of them turn into leads.  

That is only a 5% ROI (return on investment). Have your staff put together packets for immediate mail out for hot prospects and list them as number one on your calling list.

Post show – Take the most qualified buyers that attended the tradeshow and add them to a telemarketing call list. Clean up your calling list. A clean list is crucial to a cost-effective telemarketing program. Once list quality is assured, groups of prospects can be ranked according to interest. All prospects should be contacted within 1-2 weeks of the tradeshow. Companies need to move promptly and efficiently while the prospect’s memory is fresh.
Follow-up is the key to success of any telemarketing program. Time, effort and work involved from start to finish with a tradeshow is completely without merit if the final stage is incomplete. Handling of requests for additional information will show potential clients you value their time and provide quality customer service.
Finally – Close those sales. When it is all over, evaluate your success. Did you meet your goals? Were you able to reach the right prospects? What can I do next time to change my return? Brainstorm for next year while everything is fresh in your mind.
Are you planning to showcase your business at a tradeshow -in person or virtual? How will you market to prospects acquired? Rich Enterprises Inc has a team of marketers that love to follow-up with warm leads or leads that come from tradeshows. A warm lead is always a friendlier conversation.
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Virtual Trade Show Tips
Virtual Trade Show Tips
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