Warming Up Cold Prospects  is a challenge to anyone in sales.   With a little finesse, you can create a full sales pipeline.

Have you ever been so close to closing a sale when all of sudden your calls are not being answered and your voicemails are not being returned? It’s really hard to understand since when you were talking with the prospect, they were friendly, had a need for your product/services and just needed you to call back later since they were in the middle of something. All of the sudden, your hot lead has become very cold.


As sales people, it is our nature or drive (if you want to call it that) to pursue leads. Unless someone mentions they have no interest, then a typical sales person would pursue a lead until an appointment is set, a sale is made or they tell us they no longer have an interest.

Since we have just discovered that our hot lead is not as quite as hot as we thought, how do we approach the prospect? In my experience with prospects that “put the brakes” on a sale usually have something going on that causes them to delay their decision to sign on the dotted line.

Common reasons for change in response:

warming up cold prospects

Warming Up Cold Prospects
A unique challenge in sales.

  • Budget change
  • Staff issues
  • Vacation schedules
  • Lost the connection
  • Busy
  • Went with a competitor

The best approach in reaching out to prospects that suddenly become in limbo is to proceed with caution. Determine what happened and how can we help. Try to reach the prospect on the phone. When and if you find them available, mention that you have tried to reach them the past few days but was not successful. If you are not able to talk with them directly, ask the receptionist for an email and correspond with them that way.

Draft a well thought out email that states something like this,” I just wanted to follow-up with you to see if you have all the information that you need to make an informed decision.  I would love you get feedback from you to help with future sales.   I understand you are busy-let me know a good time to chat with you”.

Pursuing constructive feedback from your prospect can open communication doors and build rapport since your prospect will know you value their opinion and want to keep that dialogue going. Discovering why a prospect slowed down the sales process will help the direction going forward.

How do you respond to prospects that went cold during the sales process? Rich Enterprises Inc provides a variety of marketing services that can include market research, follow-up calls after direct mail pieces were sent via US mail, lead generation and appointment setting services. We know not all companies need the same type of marketing services for growth.

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