Weathering the sales storm

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Weathering the sales storm

How to handle the ups and downs or “stormy seasons” in business

Every business has ups and downs in sales. Here are tips on what you can do for your business to keep you occupied and productive during this unpredictable time:


1. Send a letter or email to your potential clients reminding them you are available when they are ready to do business. Personalize each email or letter and put in a quick reminder of the products or services you offer.


2. Clean your office. Go through all papers and publications. File all papers and update all records. Reorganize your desk.


3. Update your software programs. They always say software is simple to install but we all know how difficult an upgrade system can be. Use your downtime for software updates.


4. Take a vacation or plan a weekend retreat. Encourage staff to take family time during the slower seasons.


5. Get ready for tax season. Use this time to prepare your tax files to be better organized during tax season.


6. Do your accounting. Enter all revenue and expenses into your record keeping system. Balance your books.


7. Become goal-oriented. Take this down-time to look at your current goals. Create an updated marketing plan and budget. Where do you want to be this time next year? Decide to include a cash reserve in your budget to cover expenses during slow business times.


8. Take a class or go to a seminar. Update your industry and business skills. Use your quiet time to read, study and add to your specialty knowledge.


Slow business times can be used productively to prepare your business for the next burst of business coming your way. Review and renew your business plan to create a firm foundation for the busy days ahead.

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