What is an appointment setting campaign?


What is an appointment setting campaign?  How can an appointment setting campaign help businesses grow? Appointment setting campaigns are focused on locating potential prospects based on business types, qualifying those prospects and then setting face to face appointments that later turn into sales.

What is an appointment setting campaign?

How can you get an appointment setting campaign started?

Here are steps:

  1. Any marketing program takes careful planning. What is your end goal? Do you want x number of new clients in so many months or are you preparing for a long-term campaign where you set up the ground work today for sales in 2-12 months?
  2. Who is your target? Who do you want to do business with? What is your geographical area-counties, zip codes or maybe your market is nationwide.
  3. Contact list. Determine factors for your contact list. Review city, employee count, revenue and SIC.
  4. What makes a lead/prospect viable to you? Do they need to have a need within a month, 6 months or maybe a year? What is the criteria that you determined that makes a prospect your ideal customer?
  5. Do you want in person-face to face appointments or would you prefer to qualify someone on the phone before making the trip in person? Maybe your business is better presented with web meetings or go to meeting style appointments.
    What is an appointment setting campaign?

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There are many types of appointment setting programs that work for businesses.

What are the benefits to an appointment setting campaign?

  • Market research. Appointment setting campaigns are a great way to test the waters for new product/service roll out.
  • Competitor review. Who are your competitors? What makes your company better than the competition? Marketing programs can be set up as survey type questions that allow companies to use the information in future marketing programs.
  • New customers. An appointment setting campaign is a great way to bring in new leads which turn into customers.
  • Follow-up campaigns. Appointment setting campaigns can be used for tradeshow follow-up or good ole fashion follow-up to direct mail pieces.

Outsourcing your appointment setting campaign to a professional marketing company with experience in your market will give you the success rates for a long-term business plan. If the marketing program is put together correctly, performed by seasoned marketers and managed by a company that takes pride in results, you will be pleased with results and will want to participate in a campaign long term to take your company to the next level for growth.

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