Importance of Sales Training

Most sales careers require continual training. They say you cannot teach an “old dog new tricks”. This statement is not true in sales. Continual training keeps even the most seasoned marketer on top of their game. Networking with people of like careers give you inside information to what works for others.


Here are other ways to continue your career training:

  • Books – Pick up books from Amazon such as The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson which discusses “The secret to sales success” The Challenger Sale
  • Online Classes – Dale Carnegie courses: Sales Tips From Dale Carnegie Training: Overcome Buyer Objections Guide – Free Dale Carnegie
  • Webinars -Sales Training Program-  Rich Enterprises Training -This webinar series is provided by Melissa Landis of Rich Enterprises, Inc. This is a series of Business to Business Telemarketing webinars on Sales Training, Consulting and Mentoring and Customized Training Solutions.
  • Tradeshows/Workshops – Joint Industry Unsaleables Management Conference 2012 in Las Vegas-  Las Vegas Worskshop/Tradeshow– this is a sales workshop.


Any long term career with continual success requires training. Competition is tough in business and training demands need to be applied to keep on top of the competitors.

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