Mid Year Sales Analysis

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Mid Year Sales Analysis

Every sales program needs to start with a sales plan. Many factors go into planning a sales program. What data can you follow to analyze your sales efforts and performance mid year?

  1. Sales-Where does your revenue stand? Have you entered into a new market and are seeing the return on investment expected? Have you acquired a new territory or introduced a new service or product and need data to determine your next venture?   Putting these questions on your analysis will direct for you for the next 6 months of the year.
  2. Target market– Are you focusing your sales effort in the right areas? Analyze the sales and performance data in each one of your territories. If you are focusing your sales efforts in one geographical area and see better performance in another-now might be the time to change your target market.
  3. Staff- Never underestimate the power of a fully trained sales staff. Is your sales staff well trained and experienced in your present market? How is everyone performing? Mid year is a great time to evaluate present staff and future growth with the current sales team.
  4. Clients– How well do you know your clients? Mid year is a great time to analyze data that tells you where most of your business comes from. If you are seeking to grow business and 80% of your business comes from a certain industry-now is the time to evaluate expansion plans into other industries.


Putting together a successful sales program does not stop after the program starts. Following data and analyzing results can help you determine if you are meeting sales goals for the present and will be able to meet or exceed projected future sales plans.

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