A good salesman gets kicked out of 3 places each day!


When I was in college, I tried to start my first business; but quickly realized that sales is a tough game.  After days of making new contacts (in person and over the phone), I was disheartened and disappointed with the lack of results.   When I turned to my dad for support, he said “A good salesman gets kicked out of at least three places each day!”.  In fact, I remember hearing this phrase from my dad since early childhood.

Now – I have come to understand this phrase really does have meaning.  If a salesman makes no effort, he is never rejected.    Even a good salesman must have rejection in order to achieve success.

In our case, we are reaching out via phone – rather than in person.  In order to obtain success and new leads, we must suffer through rejection.   However, if we bring forth strong sales skills and a needed product/service to the right target market; we will find success.

Rejection is part of the sales game and after X number of rejections, you are closer to a victory.  Never let rejection stand in the way of your success.

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