Advance Preparation for sales meetings

Advance Preparation for sales meetings – We must always be fully prepared for sales meetings and conference calls, but sometimes we wait until the last minute.   Having key talking points at the forefront of your mind and notes is key, but waiting until the last minute can cause chaos.    Unexpected problems can arise just before your meeting such as a shipment that did not go out, an unsatisfied customer, lost internet connection, or even computer failure.

Here are tips on Advance Preparation for sales meetings:

  1. Print and review materials that might be needed for a conference call.
  2. Review the website of the company for management bios.
  3. Read the company website for goals.
  4. Research competitors in the area.
  5. Prepare talking points.
  6. Verify meeting details – conference calls, zoom or in person.

Create a checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for the meeting. That way if a crisis arises such as a computer failure, power outage, or lack of transportation, you are ready to go and prepared for the meeting.

In sales or business in general, we must prepare for and expect the unexpected.

Do you need help with meeting prep? Rich Enterprises Inc offers a variety of services that help most commercial businesses. We have been in business since 1999 and worked a variety of accounts and know that a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for every account. Even accounts that feel the same, all have unique offerings and need to be presented that way.

We offer appointment setting, lead generation, market research, training, and even help with brochures.  Our packages contain everything from the calling script, email script, voicemail script, common objections as well as the contact list based on SICs.

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Advance Preparation for sales meetings
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