Stress in sales – If someone tells you that if you love your job/business, there will be no stress then perhaps they are not being honest. If your career is in the sales world, you encounter daily stresses that might involve deadlines, quotas, and dealing with people. Since sales involves ups and downs (feast or famine) there is no true way to eliminate stress from the sales process.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find the one thing that keeps your stress in check. What do you like to do?

Here are some ideas on how to relieve stress:

  1. Physical Fitness. Healthy works outs are a great stress reliever. Go to a gym where you can use equipment or simply put on a headset and take off on a walk in your neighborhood.
  2. Listen to music.  For me, listening to smooth music while relaxing can be a great way to wind down after a day of sales.
  3. Read a book. Some people like to start their day or end it by reading a good book.
  4. Outside time with pets. I have 2 dogs and really enjoy getting outside in the afternoon with them. Throw the ball or toss a frisbee. Even though I work from home, they always get excited when Mom gets off work and know it typically means playtime.
  5. Meditation. Meditation can be a great way to relax or wind down. Sometimes just the quiet time with no electronics, phones or tv can make all the difference in a good night’s sleep.
Stress in Sales

Taking multiple breaks during the work day can keep you fresh and ease the stress load.

Sales is a great career choice, but keeping your lifestyle balanced is the difference between success and failure.

Our marketing programs that are customized to work just for your business can help alleviate the stressful process of setting up a marketing program.

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