Appointment Setting Scripts that Work


Appointment setting is a tough job and not for the faint at heart. However, Appointment setting can be rewarding since results are accomplished with a casual conversational approach.   Appointment Setting Scripts That Work will answer your most prominent questions.Appointment Setting Scripts That Work

What makes an appointment setting script work?

  1. Opening line/Introduction. Since you are typically speaking with a gatekeeper before reaching a decision maker, have your opening line fully prepared. Try to give as little of information at possible. Start out with something such as “Is Bob in?” Use first name only since it makes it more personal and sounds like you know him.
  2. Purpose of the call. You have about 10 seconds to peak the interest of the prospect. Studies show that if you are unable to connect with a prospect within the 1st sentence or 2 of your pitch, chances are you won’t be able to continue with the call. You may have to call back at a later date, send information before connecting again or stop by for an in-person meeting.
  3. During the middle of your sales call, ask the questions that make your lead viable to you.  “Oh by the way Bob, let me ask you a couple of questions before my team comes out to meet with you-“Do you have a need for our product or service? Are you in the market? What is your budget cycle? Is there anyone else involved in the decision-making process?  What can I do to gain your business?” Choose the most important qualifiers for the meeting.
  4. Set the appointment. Secure an appointment time with your prospect. Email a short confirmation or calendar invite, allowing them to have a reminder of the scheduled appointment time and day.

The most successful scripts are those that are casual conversations turned into friendly business calls.  Appointment Setting Scripts that Work will help provide you with a foundation.  What kind of script do you have in place for appointment settings? Rich Enterprises Inc has been providing sales teams successful sales appointments with a qualified appointment setting script.
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