Probing Questions in B2B Sales

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Cold calling is a task that most sales reps don’t wish to do. but asking the right probing questions in B2B sales can help increase your odds.   They will do just about anything other than make the dreaded cold calls.  Once you get a prospect on the phone, how can you get them to participate in dialogue and answer qualifying questions?

Make your tone light; be cheerful, pleasant and funny. Listen to what the prospect has to say. Tell stories to lighten the mood. Relate experiences with others in the business to build rapport with your new prospect.

Relationship building sets the tone so that new prospects will enjoy your conversation and be more likely to answer questions about their business.

Good questions to ask an prospect might be:

*    Do you have a company you use on a regular basis?

*    Are you happy with their customer service?

*    If could change anything about them-what would it be?

*    What do I have to do to gain your business?

Take good, solid notes on every conversation you have with your prospect. Leads are those prospects you acquire from start to finish. Very seldom will you reach out to a prospect the 1st time and are able to do business that same day.

Most of the time, you will have to reach out to the prospect multiple times to catch them at a time they are free to talk and really get a sense of what they need for their business.

The more you practice and use casual type techniques on your sales calls, the more prospects will be willing to answer the qualifying and probing questions.

Even the best techniques don’t work on everyone, so have your pitch polished so that you can think on your feet and be able to spin the conversation. Don’t lose a lead due to not knowing how to steer a call.   Getting to the right probing questions in B2B sales will help you increase conversion rates.

Remember your productivity depends on your skill set.  Great sales techniques will help you create a sales pipeline of prospects to call now and in the future.   The more prospects you have in your pipeline, the more sales you will get making your business a true success.

What kind of techniques do your sales people use? Do you need tips on what works?

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