Being Armed with Sales Ammunition

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Being Armed with Sales Ammunition

Being Armed with Sales Ammunition – Being a salesman is a tough job and keeping your technique fresh can be quite the challenge. One way to boost sales is to arm yourself with sales ammunition. What exactly is sales ammunition? Statistics.   

Stats can be the tool you pull out of your hat to convince a hard sell to purchase when they are hesitant to sign on the dotted line. Stats can be the ammunition needed for a response to a tough objection.  

Here are some ideas on what kind of stats to provide on your product or service:  

•   Use – Mention the percentage of businesses that use your product/Service.
•   Industries – List business types/industries that use your product or service.
•   Success rates – Include the number of companies that find your product/service successful and one they cannot do business without.
•   Customer Service – One perk that is often is forgotten is customer service. How accessible is your company. If a company is having trouble with a product or service-how reachable is your company?
•   Geographical area – What’s your service area? Mentioning something such as we serve 75% of Hudson county is a great stat to share.

Typical commercial sales are hard to keep fresh. Arm yourself with whatever is needed to stay on top of the sales game.

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