B2B Sales Strategies Inside Sales


B2B Sales Strategies Inside Sales


Inside sales teams are responsible for selling your products and services via phone or online, rather than traveling directly to their location to meet face-to-face with them.  In many instances, the inside sales team is responsible for generating new sales leads and turning those over to the outside sales team who will further develop the relationship and rapport with in person meetings.   Your B2B inside sales team is ultimately responsible for building your business by bringing in a steady stream of new prospects.

This article will focus on creating winning B2B strategies inside sales:

B2B sales strategy #1:     Make sure that your inside sales team is focusing on their core mission of bringing in new prospects, building your sales pipeline, and driving your revenue.   Your inside sales team should be focused on their core mission and not filling in for other departments or filling other roles inside your company.

B2B sales strategy #2:     Make sure that your inside sales team develops the right tone and the right approach. Focus heavily on assembling solid scripting that is short, concise, and effective. Once that’s in place, work directly with your team to develop the right tone that will ultimately increase your sales.

B2B sales strategy #3:     Hire the right team and know their strengths.  Sometimes you can’t fit a round peg into a square hole and sometimes you can’t fit the wrong person into the inside sales role. This role is rather unique and draws upon some unique experiences and personal strengths.   re the right team from the get-go and make changes inside your team as needed.

B2B sales strategy #4:    Follow through with feedback from your team.  Ask them regularly for their feedback.  Ask them  what is working, what is not working, and where they could use some help.   Listen to their clues and develop new strategies and methods to help them increase your sales.

B2B sales strategy #5:     Provide the right tracking tools and software.  Your team will need a proven system for recording the results of all their calls, knowing when to follow through, and reporting those results directly to you. Having the right tracking tools and software in place is critical to their mission.

B2B sales strategy #6:   Read their reports and study the numbers.  We know that this part can seem mundane and repetitive, but you need to study the data, so that you can be proactive and make changes as needed.

B2B sales strategy #7:     Provide incentives, contests, and rewards. Nothing motivates an inside sales team better than a little friendly rivalry and competition.


B2B sales strategy #8:     Provide training about changes. Anytime you have a new product line or enter into a new market, your inside sales team should be the first to know so that they can utilize these key points in their presentations.

B2B sales strategy #9:     If you want your sales team reaching out to the right market, you need to provide them with a list of viable contacts.   Contact lists can be based upon a number of employees, geographical factors, sic codes or type of business, annual revenue, and a host of other factors.

B2B sales strategy #10:    Build the collective results by working directly with each individual to reach their full potential.  Each individual brings forth a unique skill set and a unique personality and melting those individuals into a solid team will take some unique Insight.

Even after you have applied all the above B2B sales strategies to your inside sale team, you will see that managing your inside sales team is a tough challenge.  So our final sales strategy is where we come into play and can help.

Final Strategy:   Know when to Outsource.   If you find that you’re not able to manage all aspects of the team, it may be a viable option to look it outsourcing your inside sales activities. Please let us know how we can help.



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