B2B Sales Strategies Personality Traits of Talented Telemarketers

B2b Sales Strategies:

What type of person do you think makes a good telemarketer? Is it the person who is always “bubbly”, the person you can “hear” smiling on the phone, the laid-back person who can “go with the flow”, or a combination of all these personality traits?

B2B Sales Strategies

Having worked in the telemarketing industry for years, I’ve compiled my own personal “Top 10” list of personality traits, in no particular order, that I believe are necessary to succeed at marketing via the telephone.

Here is my Top 10 B2B Sales Strategies list:

  • Has a “smile” in their voice
  • Is enthusiastic and happy
  • Always treats the customer or prospect as “right”, even when they are not
  • Understands their product or service
  • Comfortable talking with people
  • Doesn’t interrupt and is a good listener
  • Professional
  • Courteous
  • Doesn’t let anything “rile” them and keeps their cool
  • Possesses the ability to ask open-ended questions and adapt when the conversation veers from the script.

Each of the personality traits in my “Top 10” list cannot predict a telemarketer’s success. However, a healthy mix of several of these traits will boost your telemarketing success and strengthen your sales efforts.

What happens after hiring the best sales team? Keep them motivated with training and perks.

It can be really difficult to stay positive if sales are down. How can you stay motivated? Start out every Monday with goals in mind. Starting the week with fresh planning and work will help keep you on schedule and focused. Steer clear of “Negative Nancy”. If you hear enough negativity, you will start to think like they do.

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