Best Email Subject Lines – How important is an email subject line? The heading of an email or the subject line is often overlooked and thought to be the least important part of an email but keep in mind that the heading is the first thing a prospect sees and is the key to being read or deleted.

No generic subject lines. Generic emails don’t work for every client. How many times do we get an email that seems to be an auto-generated email and we just delete it? Avoid generic subject lines.

Try to add a personal flair to emails that make it seem as though you know the contact such as “What do you think of this?” or “Can I get your feedback?” Make sure your subject line is related to why you are contacting the client and make the subject interesting.

Best Email Subject Lines  – Don’t use the subject line as a sales pitch. Do not make your subject line appear to be too sales-oriented. Keep your sales pitch for the email itself. The subject line needs to pique the interest of your prospect and encourage them to open the email and read further.

Brevity is key. Keep your subject line short and to the point. If you are emailing a prospect about a certain special, company update, or immediate need, put that information in the subject line. Everyone is busy and wants to be able to distinguish important emails from junk or spam mail.

Email marketing can be an excellent source of marketing. Use our tips to create emails that speak to a prospect with proper subject lines and information that will entice prospects to open their emails and encourage future contact.

What is your best email subject line? Are you looking to grow your business in 2022?

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Best Email Subject Lines
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