Direct Mail Effectiveness Techniques

Direct Mail Effectiveness Techniques – Using effective direct mail techniques with direct mail campaigns are still meaningful and cost-effective tools to target your customers and prospective clients. Direct mail pieces of different types can be used to reach your audience. However, your campaign will be most effective when you match your direct mail piece to your marketing campaign goals.

What are your marketing goals? Is your goal to introduce your product or service and become more well-known? Or, is your marketing goal to generate sales leads? Will your direct mail campaign stand-alone, or be part of a wider marketing effort?

Direct Mail Effectiveness TechniquesIf you are introducing your product or service, and building name recognition; direct mail works well as part of a larger public relations campaign. Direct mail pieces can play integral supporting roles in broad campaigns that target your audience in multiple ways. A direct mail campaign can also stand on its own merit. A stand-alone direct mail campaign works well if your goal is generating sales leads for an established product or service. Then, a direct mail campaign will certainly give you a solid “bang for your buck”.

Regardless of the format and design choices you pick for your direct mail piece, remember to keep your piece simple. Also, make your piece eye-pleasing with easy-to-read fonts and plenty of white space. Using those pictures that are “worth a thousand words”, and giving “special offers” will help your direct mail piece stand out from the crowd. For extensive direct mail resources, visit the United States Postal Service’s Web site at:

Effective direct mail techniques are so much more than the physical direct mail piece that ends up in your audience’s mailboxes. Meshing your marketing goals with your direct mail campaign is integral to your direct mail campaign’s success. This, along with will an eye-catching piece will go far to support and build your business, and ultimately, your prospect and customer relationships.

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Direct Mail Effectiveness Techniques
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