Best Kept Gatekeeper Tactics

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Best Kept Gatekeeper Tactics

The gatekeeper’s job is to shield key personnel from needless interruptions. They often want to make sure that your call is important enough for the transfer. The key to talking with the gatekeeper is to say enough to get through, without providing too much information.

Your opening line should be clear and simple -something such as: “Hi there! Can you tell me who handles your facility maintenance (or whatever industry you represent)? If you do not have a contact name, ask for help. Gatekeepers are usually glad to assist if you appear to be lost in who you need to talk with. Say something such as “I have Tom listed as my contact but I am not sure he is the guy to talk with. Can you help me?

Simple lines that get to point are best to use when approaching a gatekeeper. Lines such as: “This is John with Mr. Jones’ office. If the gatekeeper inquires further about the call then mention something such as: “I’m calling regard to the energy consumption.” Always try to give as little of information as possible to get past the initial point -not letting anyone know it’s a sales call.

There are always going to be those gatekeepers who need your name and why you are calling to get in the door. Others will dig and probe until they are personally satisfied. Never utilize more than a few seconds to explain the nature of your call.

Always remember, time is a valuable asset for everyone. It’s not only their time you are taking up but you’re your time to be productive. If a call seems to be going no where, end it and try again another day. Keep in mind that the gatekeeper is someone that you want to be friendly with and never underestimate her role within the company. You will have some gatekeepers that only answer the phone and you will other gatekeepers that make company decisions.

Getting past the gatekeeper is an art form. Use your sales charm to create your unique gatekeeper technique.

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