Creating Positive Climates Within Your Organization

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Creating Positive Climates Within Your Organization

In order to succeed in the sales world, we have to maintain a positive attitude. It is not an easy task to remain focused and upbeat with the constant rejections and ups and downs that come with sales.

Spreading a positive, contagious attitude takes time and effort. Many books have been written on managing and motivating people as well as training seminars are conducted on this subject every day. With that being said, very few companies succeed at creating a positive work environment.

Here are a few tips to kicking negativity to the curb:

1. Expectations – Let your staff members know exactly what is expected from them. If they are to perform at optimum levels, they will need to know what falls in their job description. Make deadlines and sales goals known and attainable.
2. Know your team – Get to know your sales team. What motivates them? Are they sports fans? Can you set up games that involve seasonal sporting events for contests that could boost sales and get the team excited? Schedule team outings to bond with your team.

Find out what makes them the sales person they are. How did they start in this profession? What is it that makes them tick? Show interest in your team. After all, they are your bread and butter. Without an active sales team, you are a small fish in a large pond.
3. Encourage – Ask opinions and input from your staff. Let them know you value their opinion, expertise and ideas. Being a big part of the sales team will allow staff members to be excited to come to work. Staff members that are involved are more productive and have a higher self esteem levels.
4. Acknowledgment – Recognize efforts that are above and beyond the call of duty as well as those that do an outstanding job day in and day out. Make sure your staff knows how much you appreciate them.

Just because you provide them with a timely paycheck does not mean they fully understand how much they are appreciated. Say Thanks!

Send a letter to them that states they are the superstar of the week and offer them a reward. This could be time off, tickets to dinner, special parking place or a bonus of some sort.

Acknowledging good performance and behavior will create excitement and encourage repeated behavior.

Creating a positive sales climate will give business owners and managers less headaches by having less turnover and more desirable employees or contractors.

Happy sales team members are ones that are going to remain loyal and more productive. Your working environment matters- after all, your working environment is what you make of it.

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