Breaking the ice

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Breaking the ice

How do you start a sales conversation?   Have you ever found that it to be a bit tricky to break the ice on your first call with a new sales prospect? First impressions of a company are generally a true insight to how future business will be.


Here are a few tips on our top 3 ice breakers:


  1. “Hi Bob How are you today?” Make it personal and let your prospect know you truly have an interest in him.
  2. “Hello Tom-Is now a good time to talk?” Asking a question at the beginning of the conversation will give the contact a chance to say no but will also let the contact know that you respect their time and know that the timing of your call might not always be the best time to talk.
  3. “Good Afternoon Mr. Smith, I know you are a busy man, do you have a few minutes to talk with me today or do you have a better time for me to get on your calendar?”

Other factors to consider with initial conversations are going to be tone of the call. Make your sales call friendly with a conversational tone as well as speak slowly and clearly so that the prospect understands what you are offering. Even though you are talking with someone on the phone and not face to face, the contact can feel tension and negativity.


Space your pitch appropriately to allow dialogue with the contact. A great way to build rapport with a future client is allowing him to interject thoughts and opinions.

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