Brevity is key!  – Have you ever heard the saying “short and sweet?” That is truly the case in sales and telemarketing. When a contact answers the call, you have about 10 seconds to either pique their interest or to hear an objection. Brevity is always the answer. Prepare your pitch before you make the cold call.

Practice your call and how you would plan to incorporate your point and message in the first few seconds of the call.  Ask other salespeople what works for them. Consolidate your scripting by providing the key points of your offerings. Keep your initial conversation brief, but informative. Getting to the point of your conversation early in the cold call will retain the attention of the prospect as well as show respect for their time.

Brevity is key!  – If you reach a prospect at a bad time, always ask them if there is a better time to talk with them or get on their calendar. Contacts will appreciate that you understand they are busy and want to reach out to them when it’s convenient.

Rich Enterprises Inc offers many marketing programs that accommodate most businesses. Our programs are “all-inclusive”.

We provide programs that include:

  • Contact list – based on SIC and geographical factors (counties, cities, and zip codes)
  • Goals
  • Sample call script
  • Sample email script
  • Sample voicemail script
  • Sample appointment confirmation script
  • Common objections and appropriate rebuttals

Are you looking for new ways to fill your sales pipeline? Are you trying to grow your business? Do you have salespeople that “like” to make cold calls? We know that most salespeople like to close sales but don’t like to make actual calls.

Let our team of experts prepare your customized marketing program that includes the calling script that will be direct and “to the point”.

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