Cold calling works

reaching decision makers

Cold calling works

Will sales reps cold call and learn to like it? Yes, if shown that cold calling is effective in gaining access to decision makers and key player executives. The sales person needs to learn to approach cold calling differently — and should use cold calling to cultivate an internal referral and not to initially call the key player. Why not?


A survey of senior executives was conducted to determine under what circumstances they would respond to a contact from an unknown salesperson. Responses showed that eighty percent (80%) of senior executives are unlikely to ever respond to an inbound sales call. Not great odds. Other than golf, not many people enjoy an effort that yields such disappointing results.


The executives surveyed further indicated that the most likely way to gain access to them is a referral from someone inside their own company. Eighty-four percent (84%) will always or usually respond to an internal referral.

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