Competitive Analysis and Marketing

Incorporating Competitive Analysis Results into your Next marketing Campaign   Once you have completed a competitor analysis, use the information you have acquired about your competitors to highlight your company’s advantages into a telemarketing program.   First – List all of the advantages and specialties your company has to offer into your sales script. Presently a clear understanding of services and offerings provided by your company, will allow prospects to see the true benefits of doing business with your firm.   Second – Determine what type of industries to target, size of businesses and geographic locations for developing a contact list.   Create a script that gets to the point quickly, points out the key offerings and gives a prospect a reason to continue with the call. We have 30 seconds to peak the interest of a prospect.
Company advantages might include:   locations, open 24/7 hoursprice comparison to qualitylive representationflexibilitysize of companyyears in businessexpertise of staff, specialized industry, etc.   A competitive advantage will only provide a guaranteed sale if the advantage is a benefit to the prospect. How will your product or service benefit them? Will it make their job easier? Will it allow them to sleep better at night? Advantages to products and services need to fix a pain point for future customers.   What differentiates you from the competition? Use this information as key points for a call and email marketing program.   How do you use the information collected on the competition? Rich Enterprises Inc provides many services to commercial businesses. We have discovered in our 20 years of being business that not all businesses are alike.   Let us create your next custom telemarketing program that incorporates competitive analysis.   Contact us (888) 443-5247!
Competitive Analysis With Marketing
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