Trial Period for Testing Telemarketing


Planning a marketing project is a time-consuming project and one that would require a trial period for testing telemarketing services.

Rich Enterprises offers two trial or pilot programs. Each pilot has a set number of weekly hours but some have longer program terms.

We suggest to our clients that we start their program with a trial period for testing telemarketing or pilot program.

Trial period for testing telemarketing

Each account is unique and the trial period is used to adapt our services to your account, your expectations, and your industry.

During the trial period, your program is monitored closely each day and your program manager will make modifications as needed to maximize the desired results

Our minimum trial period/pilot program is 10 weeks so that we cannot only adapt to your industry but so that we can start to realize typical program results.

Once the trial period for telemarketing has been completed, Rich Enterprises and our client will be able to make an educated decision regarding the program’s future.

Let us help with your next marketing program. We provide market research, lead generation, cold calling, and warm calling. Our pilot program/trial programs provide the program outline which can include: scripting, common objections, email script, voicemail script, and email confirmations. Our packages can include the contact list if based on certain factors such as SIC codes.

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