Do you know your prospects?

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Do you know your prospects?

Have you ever wondered if you really know the prospect that you are calling? Maybe you know the name of the company and possibly the decision maker that you need to speak with but really don’t have more than general information.

Doing your homework on companies and prospects before sales calls will help you with direction of the sales presentation.


How can you prepare for your next sales call?


Research –Most companies have websites that provide general information on the company. They might list bios of upper management and maybe offer their company motto. If they provide “about us” info it will give a salesman inside information and an angle for sales calls.


Probing Questions – During a sales call, ask prospects questions. What is their pain point? What will make their job easier? Use a friendly, conversational tone and build rapport with the prospect by treating the conversation as it you were talking with a friend.


Listen –Sometimes the best information is harvested by listening to the contact and not saying anything. Take the time to gather pertinent details about the prospect’s business and reiterate portions of the conversations. For example: “Yes, I completely agree with you about the importance of customer service.” This helps build rapport with the contact by letting them know you care about what they are saying.


Taking the time to prepare for your sales meeting is a smart way to do business. Consider all available sources: company website, internet research and other acquired information from prior contacts.

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