Don’t sweat the small stuff! Sales activities must continue!


Mondays have been very rough for me lately.  Here is a quick history of my Mondays:

  • Monday 1 – computer issues.   Being a small business owner with limited support, I was forced to resolve the computer problems alone – without the assistance of an IT department.
  • Monday 2 – chair issues.  My office chair lost it seal, so the height of the chair was not adjustable.  I was going to “tough it out” for the day.  However; by 8 am I was frustrated and was forced to make an emergency trip to the office store.   I beckoned the maintenance department, but they never came.  (Of course, there is no such department here.)
  • Monday 3 – no electricity until 10 am after a transformer went out.

One thing I have learned is to “not sweat the small stuff”.  In the end, the three tragic Mondays (hope you caught the sarcasm) did not affect business.  In sales, we find that there are obstacles – both big and small – but we have to get through the obstacles and jump right back into business.   I had to put things into perspective and had to resume my sales activities.

I can only wonder what next Monday brings for me!

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