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Are you using an effective marketing program for businesses? All successful businesses have to participate in some type of continual marketing. The marketing program can be direct mail pieces and call follow-up or lead generation and appointment setting type marketing programs that have scheduled touches with new prospects.

Do you know if you are using an effective marketing program for businesses? How can you measure your success? Effective marketing is a daily part of business as usual.

ROI – Track your effectiveness by reviewing lead outcomes through sales cycles. Do you find that some marketing efforts seem to bring in better results than others? How about timing? Have you noticed that marketing during a holiday week, during typical lunch hours or after traditional business hours can be successful if approached with a solid marketing plan?

Your ROI or return on investment is the bottom line and can make or break a business. Let us provide your next effective marketing program. We are a seasoned telemarketing company that has been in the B2B commercial business since 1999 and is ready to plan your next lead generation, appointment setting or market research program.

We provide the program outline, the sample scripts (email, call and voicemail),  the contact list based on certain qualifying factors (cities/counties, SICs, number of employees), ramp up time with database prep and marketer training.  Contact us for details (888) 443-5247.

ROI justifies an effective marketing program
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