Value Added Techniques for the Savvy Sales Person

Value Added Sales Techniques for the Savvy Sales Person   Most sales programs put emphasize on the price of the product or service they are selling. Another approach to sales is value added selling. This provides marketing professionals a unique edge for sales by selling customers on the actual value and need of the product or the service – compared to selling solely on price.  

Here are considerations for your value-added sales approach:   •   Need-Use this topic to explain how and why the customer needs your product or services. What can the product do for them to either make their job easier or reduce overall expenses? Show the prospect how much they need your product or services.  
•   Implementation-How easy will your product or service ease into their business? Mention how seamless the transaction will be. For example: “Our software can be up in running in as little as 2 business days.” Mention how little interaction you will need from them as well as staff during the integration process.  
•   Time management-Most business owners are running on low fuel doing all they can to handle every aspect of their business. Time management is always a huge concern to owners. Let them know how much time they are going to save with your product or services. Mention something like: “By using our product/services, you will be able to focus on your core business.”  
•   Customer service-Use this opportunity to sell your company. Mention how long you have been in business and the company motto on customer service. Customer service seems to be old fashioned to some; but I know in my personal experiences, when I reach out to someone and they take the time to take care of my needs and are genuinely concerned about my issues, I will make a point to use their services no matter the price.  
Use testimonials from satisfied customers to add to your marketing program. Value added selling is a flexible approach to sales that allows the prospect to see a real need for your offerings and not just a great price.  

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Value Added Sales Techniques
Value added sales techniques may help you up your sales game!
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