Encouraging Prospects to Answer Qualifying Questions

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Encouraging Prospects to Answer Qualifying Questions

In this article I will talk about ways in which I get new prospects to answer those important qualifying and probing questions, as I pursue and try to get them to buy, try to generate a lead, or set an appointment – particularly when cold calling and telemarketing.

When cold calling prospects…Always create a casual conversation. Make sure your keep your focus and talk about what your interests are. Talk to the person. Be cheerful, pleasant and funny. Listen to what the person says. Compliment them when something / someone is similar to your experience. Relate that experience to one you may have had or one of your friends or family may have had.

Share your story and ask the questions you need within normal conversation while linking that question to their experience. Now that you have a common interest and as you are bonding, next close the deal by asking for the order or generate the lead, because now you are talking to a friend and not just a prospective customer.

If you have spoken to that person in the past, make sure you review your notes and refer to that conversation. As you refresh their memory, keep the conversation flowing….keep being funny and enjoyable as you explain how your services can be to their benefit.

The more you practice and use these techniques, getting your qualifying and probing questions answered will become easier. Even the best technology does not work on everybody, so just remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Always make the best of that first impression. I know it is hard sometimes, but stay focused and you will get it eventually. It will become easier as each day passes.

Remember your production results depends on your skills. These techniques will help you create a good pipeline of prospects to call. The more prospects you have, the more customers you will get, and that will make your job more enjoyable and productive. Aloha!

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