Keeping Organized in Sales

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Keeping Organized in Sales

The most valuable thing a telemarketer has to offer is their time and how to make the most of it. Whether a telemarketer is setting B2B appointments or generating sales leads to pave the way for a sale (or closing the sale themselves) the same rules apply.

Managing time wisely increases prospect productivity and increases sales results. There is no magic formula to managing time well. It can be summed up in one word only “PLANNING”.

Sure you can have a successful day without planning ahead. However, if you want to succeed each day, persistence and consistency is the key to success. Only through planning your day can long-term success be achieved.

Your B2B calls (whether they are in person or on the phone) should be planned prior to each day. Because of the cost of gasoline and time involved, a B2B sales person making sales calls to businesses in person will realize the importance of daily planning. It is no different for the telemarketer. We must all plan our business days.

Planning the Business Day

  • Make sure you have your sales tools handy (email scripts, brochures, etc.)
  • Pre-call planning (follow-up calls, appointment confirmations, data base preparation, time zone selections, mail outs and email outs)
  • Get yourself ready for the B2B calls by focusing on the presentation, know all of the objection solutions and always be conscientious of your energy level

Success by Planning:

  • Close all sales
  • Line up your prospects
  • Prioritize the opportunities
  • Gather the prospects information (emails, telephone numbers, etc)
  • Make sure you set a goal for the number of contacts each day for success
  • Make daily notes of what is not working and develop solutions to succeed

There is a proven time management that works for every type of sales in every type of industry. Always keep a priority checklist of a proven method that works for your specific industry.

You must plan to succeed. All successful people plan their lives.

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