Finding Time for Cold Calling


As a successful business manager and entrepreneur finding time for cold calling is absolutely necessary in order to reach your sales goals. There is often an overwhelming number of tasks on my “to-do” list.   I know the importance of cold calling and business prospecting and wanted to offer a few quick tips for dedicating time to cold calling:

Finding Time for Cold Calling

  • Set aside specific times during the week for cold calling – maybe 30 minutes to an hour at each session.     By setting a specific date and time, you know in advance when your sales calls will be completed and you are much more likely to complete your calls.
  • Use your existing calendar software, such a Google Calendar  to let others know when you will be making sales calls.
  • Avoid interruptions during your dedicated time.    Turn off the email, cell phone, and other distractions.

Whether you employ an inside sales person or choose to outsource your B2B inside sales, it is highly beneficial to take the time to develop a B2B Sales Strategy. If you are having difficulty finding time for business development and cold calling, you may also want to review options for outsourcing your cold calling efforts to a reliable third party.

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