Four Powerful Words in Sales

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Four Powerful Words in Sales

Every good sales person knows that having the ability to express themselves will give them the needed success in sales.

What are the most powerful words used in everyday sales? While the answer may vary and is subjective to a personal opinion, here are my choices:

1. You – this is a powerful word because in sales, it is not about “me” or “my company”.
In sales, it is “what can I do for you? What will benefit you and your business?

2. Free – This can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Free is overstated in many internet/brick and mortar ads. When using the word free as a teaser, make sure the opportunity for your client/customer to get something for free is truly there and not a bait and switch type operation.

With an economy driven business, we need to be true in our presentation to all our current and future customers/clients.

3. Results – The bottom line is results. What are the end results for your client? Will it save them money or time? Without positive results, sales would have no meaning. You can also use the results to showcase your successes with other clients and provide further reasoning to purchase
from you.

4. Guaranteed – This word can be reassuring because it gives the prospective client/customer confidence in knowing they are not risking their money buying/using a product/service that they won’t like and doesn’t work for them.

Some words are more powerful than others. Choose your power words wisely and find
the ones that work best for you and your market.

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