Selling to Emotional Buyers

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Selling to Emotional Buyers

Each buyer type must be addressed based upon their decision making processes. Determine their buying style first and then continue with the selling and presentation of your company.

Emotional Buyers make decisions based on their feelings and are easier to read compared to other buying types of prospects. Your sales approach may not need to be quite as strategic with emotional buyers as with other buyers. You simply can explain to your buyer why they need your service and then connect to their emotions.

Get insight into your buyer’s feelings. The best way to connect with an emotional buyer is to tune into their body language. Watch and listen as they express their feelings and talk about the vision for their company. Acquire information quickly about your buyer and you will be able to control the sales process.

Emotional buyers need to feel good about their decision. An emotional buyer may not be completely sure how or where to utilize the newly acquired product or service, but need to feel as if the decision they made has a purpose.

Depending on what product or services you provide, the key to success is making your buyer trust and feel comfortable with you. Deciding to do business with your company is not only a business decision but a personal one.

Remember that with time and experience, you will become a professional sales person that can deliver a smooth sales pitch with empathy that appeals to all buyers including the emotional buyer types.

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