Good timing for sales and telemarketing calls

Good timing for sales and telemarketing calls – Timing can refer to many things. It does not always mean what time of day to call. Timing can be sales/budget cycles for your business prospect. Be aware of the industry you are calling. If you are telemarketing to a retail industry, chances are it will be easier to reach the decision-maker before they open the doors or early afternoon when the early rush is over. If you are attempting to do business with a food establishment, call during slow times such as after lunch or before the dinner crowd will help you reach decision-makers.

Most businesses make purchasing decisions based on a calendar year or budget cycle. Calling a business today may not turn into an immediate sale but could provide you with the necessary information to secure future business and a long-term customer.

Good timing for sales and telemarketing calls – If you have to call back scheduled with a prospect, always ask the contact or the receptionist when would be a good time to reach them. Be mindful of the prospect’s time and always make effort to request a certain follow-up schedule.   Making effective telemarketing calls and sales calls is all about timing.  Good timing will make your marketing efforts more successful!

How do you plan your marketing calls? Are you cold calling, warm calling, emailing, and then following up with business prospects?

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Do you need help with your B2B telemarketing calls? How do you plan your follow-ups?

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Good timing for sales and telemarketing calls
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