Internal Business Referrals

Internal Business ReferralsHave you ever tried to reach a decision-maker and they simply refused your call because they did not know you?   Cold calling and telemarketing is a tough job. Even the most seasoned professionals have a rough time getting past the infamous gatekeeper and reaching the intended target – the decision-maker.   

Studies have shown that 84% of Executives are more likely to accept an internal referral from someone they know rather than accepting a complete cold call. When calling a company, sometimes you are referred to other people and other departments. Utilize this information such as “Hi Bob, I spoke with John in HR and he said you were the guy that I needed to speak with”. Using an inside referral will give you a foot in the door compared to a traditional telemarketing call.

Internal Business Referrals – Using referrals as a guide to get you in the door, will allow rapport with future prospects.

Rich Enterprises Inc offers lead generation, appointment setting, market research, and newsletter services. Our custom programs can work in combination with your existing inside sales team. Let’s face it… How many of your sales reps enjoy making cold calls? How many sales reps enjoy setting aside time to follow-up with prospects, sending information via email, and then scheduling that closing appointment.

Do you need help with your sales calls? Let our team be your inside sales team. We have a seasoned team of marketing professionals that know how to get past the gatekeeper to the decision-maker. They enjoy the challenge of trying to locate the correct contact.

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Internal Business Referrals
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