Grab Attention with Email Marketing

Grab attention with email marketing – Many companies get a better response from marketing via email but what can you do to boost replies?

When using email marketing, grab your prospects attention from their in box by using short, unique subject lines.

Grab attention with email marketing

Subject lines are the first thing that a prospect sees in their email.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Capital letters – Try putting your title in all caps. Nothing grabs my attention more than someone shouting at me via email. If you try this and get no response, go the other direction and change to all lower case. The change itself is something that prospects will notice.
  2. Short and Sweet – Use one word or a few word subject lines- Call me, Attention, Voicemail, trying to reach you, etc. Changing the way you traditionally email prospects gives them a feel that you know them or have had a conversation with them in the past.
  3. First name – Use the prospects first name when emailing. Make it seem personal even if you don’t know the prospect.
  4. Specials – Do you have a special to entice prospects? Use email marketing to create a sense of urgency with your offering.
  5. Company updates – Do you have a new product roll out or maybe a new staff person that is now handling customer service or a special roll within your organization? Use email marketing for notifications – with a gentle touch.

Marketing of any kind is a continual process and finding what works for your company can be cumbersome. Most companies will try multiple ways – trial and error – before settling on the “one” that works.

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