3 Things You Should Be Asking Your B2B Lead Generation Company

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When you hire a B2B lead generation company for your business, it’s important to have ongoing communication in order to maximize your results. Any legitimate firm should be willing to offer you reporting, feedback from potential clients, and details about their processes. B2B lead generation for small businesses is most successful when business owners and sales teams work together closely to share information. Here are some questions to ask your lead generation company to ensure they’re the right fit for your business.

What Kinds of Businesses Are Being Targeted?

To mix several metaphors, a good B2B lead generation firm can thread the needle and find that sweet spot between casting too wide a net and taking an approach that’s perhaps too targeted. You don’t want to waste your resources contacting businesses that don’t fit your criteria, but you also want your outsourced sales team to make enough calls to get a return on your investment. Ask your B2B lead generation service how they are targeting prospective clients for your business. Is their strategy what you agreed upon when you hired them? Is there something they’re missing or that you’re feeling unsure about? You know your industry best, so you should never hesitate to question what your B2B lead generation service is doing and how they’re selling your business to potential customers.

At Rich Enterprises, we have a time-tested targeting strategy that optimizes your ROI. Our contact list criteria takes into consideration a number of factors, allowing us to select the right targets for marketing your business. We know that different people respond to different marketing channels in different ways, so we use multiple channels for outreach. 

What’s Working and What Isn’t?

A skilled lead generation company will continually fine tune its sales techniques for your business, rather than continuing with efforts that aren’t yielding results. It’s important to make changes and try new methods—and your lead generation service should be open and honest about this.

Rich Enterprises provides each of its customers with thorough reporting so you can see exactly what we’re doing and the results we’re getting. If your B2B lead generation service isn’t transparent about how they’re handling your account, it may be time to switch to a company that is.

What Do Potential Clients Think About Your Business or Service?

Although your primary objective in contracting with a B2B lead generation company was likely to increase sales, there’s another important benefit too—namely, you can gather valuable information about what your potential clients think about your business, its pricing, and the services it offers. You can hone your offerings and sales pitches based on this information. 

One of the benefits of hiring Rich Enterprises for B2B lead generation is that we schedule weekly conference calls with each of our clients. During these calls, we discuss leads, results, and also feedback from the calls we’ve made. This information can be used to improve our marketing efforts and your business operations.

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