The Digital Age: How B2B Telemarketing Has Survived

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When you get a telemarketing call on your personal phone, you’re likely to ignore it or hang up. So why is B2B telemarketing so successful? The key difference is that B2B telemarketing takes a very different approach than the callers who want you to open up a new credit card or buy vinyl windows for your home. 

At Rich Enterprises, we carefully vet each business before we call, ensure that we’re speaking with key decision makers, and we use highly skilled salespeople rather than automated recordings or overseas call centers. This is why, even in the digital age, B2B telemarketing doesn’t just survive—it thrives.

The Importance of Human Connection

When you get a phone call, whether it’s at home or at work, and realize that there’s a recording on the other end of the line, you feel frustrated—you took the time to pick up and you deserve the courtesy of speaking to a human being. It’s also easier to hang up when you don’t have to worry about being rude to another person!

Although it might seem like an oxymoron, our B2B marketing is more personal, which is how it yields better results than high-tech robocalls and digital marketing. When you outsource prospecting to Rich Worldwide, our marketing experts lay the groundwork for a successful campaign by researching potential customers to find qualified leads. This increases the likelihood that any business we call will have an interest in your services.

B2B telemarketing lets us establish a rapport with leads, which makes them more willing to listen to what we have to say. Unlike an automated robocall, email campaign, or digital ad, a telemarketing call allows prospects to ask questions and get the answers they need right away. Expediting the process of getting answers can lead to faster—and even immediate—sales conversions, as there’s less of an opportunity for a prospect to lose interest or find another service provider.

Why B2B Telemarketing Works

The digital age has changed many of the ways businesses market themselves, and yet B2B telemarketing remains as popular as ever. Here’s why outsourcing B2B telemarketing produces results:

  • It’s nimble. Real-time conversations yield real-time feedback. We can easily tailor your campaigns to your prospects’ needs.
  • It allows your team to do what they do best. You focus on outside sales and our team will handle telemarketing and appointment setting.
  • It enhances your other marketing strategies. Send direct mail campaigns and follow up with telemarketing calls.
  • It builds relationships. It’s easy to turn down an offer sent via email, but much harder to do the same with a phone call. Even if a prospect isn’t interested now, building a rapport means they’re more likely to reach out to your business when circumstances change.

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