Top 3 Cold Calling Objections

Top 3 Cold Calling Objections
Top 3 Cold Calling Objectives   Every sales person knows that along with sales comes objections. How we handle the objections can make or break a sale. What are the top 3 cold calling objections in sales?  

1. We do all work in house or we would never outsource that.   It is quite common to hear that companies provide their own services in-house or have someone in-house that manages their services. In order to overcome this common objection, companies need to be provided information that shows it will be more cost effective and efficient for them to outsource services.  

Show the benefit of your services by presenting your experience, knowledge and expertise in their industry. Provide references of current clients in their industry. If a prospect can relate with other clients, they will be more willing to consider outsourcing.  

2. We need a product/service that can be customized to suit our specific needs. No matter what kind of product or service you are providing, most every company wants something that is specifically designed for them. Since that is not always possible, they will want to see exactly how you can customize your product or service to meet their needs and objectives.  

When cold calling, you can begin by informing them of ways that your product/service has been customized to suit the needs of your current clients within their industry. Find out the needs of the prospect to enhance your sales pitch. Doing a little research on your prospect before the sales call will give you an edge during the call.

3. We use another provider.
It is highly unlikely that during cold calling, you will not hear this objection. On one hand, you know the person you called is interested in the service because they are using another provider. On the other hand, you are not the one providing the service. This is not an uncommon situation.
Many companies are happy that they have someone fulfilling their needs, but never periodically determine if they are getting the best service at the best price. Show them how your company products or services will help them out shine their competitors, save time & resources, increase revenue as well as fit into their budget.
One key to gaining a new client is knowing your own company’s strengths and being ready to present them in a way that would make any potential client see the benefit. Helping potential clients see the added value of outsourcing services is all up to you and how you present your company.
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Top Three Cold Calling Objection and How to Counter with Strong Rebuttals.
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