How To Improve Sales Closing


How To Improve Sales Closing

How To Improve Sales Closing: Get Out of your Sales Comfort Zone

We all have our comfort zone – whether it is your comfy slippers or recliner at the end of the day or daily habits that keep us going. Salespeople have a tendency to reach out to companies and prospects that also fall into that “Comfort Zone”.  You might find that you are more comfortable reaching out to top executives but not talk with the maintenance man. Or maybe you enjoy calling schools but are not really crazy about speaking with distributors.

Salespeople are usually those that are extremely disciplined and resort to certain routines that might include calling patterns or even technology tools.  We are all creatures of habit, but sometimes it is important to be well rounded and shake things up a bit.

Get out of your comfort zone by trying new techniques. Take a training course on something that makes you uncomfortable. If you are not great at closing sales, take a class on closing. If you don’t like face to face appointments, try a mentor or someone that could participate in role-playing.

Our team is well rounded with cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting services. Let us plan your next marketing program and help get you out of your comfort zone. If you need training or coaching services, we do that too!


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