How to overcome a sales slump


We all experience sales slumps. Sometimes the slumps go on for more than we can handle and need to make modifications to boost our morale and change the direction of our results.

Here are ideas on how to get past a sales slump:

  1. Go to an expert –If you are working in a certain industry and struggling with industry specific results, go to an expert /someone that is doing well and ask for advice. Ask for hints on their process, talking points and general steps for successful sales within this industry.
  2. Role Play – I am not a big fan of role play but think this is a good way to boost confidence if you role play within your organization. Ask a manager or friend to role play with you. Role play in front of a mirror. Record your calls for later review. Listen to your calls and see where you can make changes.
  3. Coaching – Ask a manager to coach your calls.  Ask the manager to sit next to you while you are making calls to offer suggestions on objections, rebuttals and how the call should be handled.

Sales is an ongoing learning process. There is not a sales person that knows absolutely  everything. We all could learn something new every day.

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