What is a cold call?


This sounds like a simple question although not many people truly know the true meaning of a cold call. The definition of a cold call is: make an unsolicited call on (someone), by telephone or in person, in an attempt to sell goods or services.

A cold call marketing program is one where you are reaching out to prospects that:

  1. Do not know you or your business offerings
  2. Maybe their business did use services from your company in the past, but the prospect is new to the position and has not worked with you.
  3. Might be a referral from a customer but has never talked with you.

The next level of call type is a warm call. What is the definition of a warm call: (Warm Calling) Calling current or previous customers or those who have signed up or otherwise agreed to receive a call from the company.

A warm call marketing program is one where you are reaching out to prospects that might:

  1. Have worked with you or your business in the past.
  2. Be following up to a direct mail piece or email blast
  3. Be a referral from a current or past client.

No matter what type of marketing program you choose-cold call or warm call, we can help.

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