Incorporating a Competitive Analysis into a Telemarketing Program

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Incorporating a Competitive Analysis into a Telemarketing Program

Once you have completed a competitor analysis, you are ready to use what you have learned about your company’s advantages to incorporate into your telemarketing program.

Here is where you list all of the advantages and uniqueness your company has to offer into your sales script.

How can a company expect prospects and customers to give their time and attention if they do not understand clearly and concisely what their company can do for them that no one else can?

You should know what type industries to target, size of businesses and geographic locations for developing your data base of prospective clients. You are now ready to express your competitive advantages and uniqueness and be able to articulate them clearly to prospective customers in thirty seconds or less.

Your script is an important first impression that sets you apart from your competitors and shows your customers what your company can do for them that no one else can.

Advantages can include:

  • locations, open 24/7 hours
  • price comparison to quality
  • live representation
  • flexibility
  • size of company
  • years in business
  • expertise of staff, specialized industry, etc). Specify how much, how many of any thing you have got as a service for example how much training your representatives have.

A competitive advantage will only get you chosen if it is an advantage your customer cares about. In other words, the things that differentiate you and set you apart have to matter to your customer otherwise you won’t get the sale.

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